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Feedback from Blake Leath

Having dreamt about our backyard oasis for seven years, my wife and I were extremely eager to develop a partnership with a landscaping organization that could translate our dreams into reality. James Korak and the resources he brought to bear on our vision were nothing short of remarkable. We spent many hours together across several months walking our yard… checking out the angles… seeing where the sun rose and set… locating the heart of our yard and sketching out the many spaces and outdoor rooms we wanted to create. James delivered on every promise and brought our aspirations to reality. We now have – literally – an award-winning resort-at-home that has resulted in neighbors and drivers-by who have come to our door and asked for a tour. We are absolutely delighted with our enchanting environment and strongly recommend James and his team to your and your family. - Blake Leath


My name is Pat Hollinger…

My wife Lynn and I reside in the Bellaire subdivision of Lantana.  We had a pool built in our backyard when we bought our house in 2008.  The pool company initially provided landscaping as part of their pool design but it was very basic.  Subsequently, we hired a professional landscaping service to design and install a new landscape.  While we were looking for a professional design and look that would enhance the looks of our pool area, it fell far short…I still had a backyard that looked like something I could throw together in a weekend.  Fortunately, I met James Korak and the third attempt at having a professionally designed landscape that would complement our pool and add value to our home paid off!

Prior to proposing an approach and design, James took a lot of time to understand what Lynn and I were looking for.  This approach was quite different from our experience with previous landscapers…they were primarily dependent on us proposing specific plants, hardscape and placement and they complied with our requests.    This proved to be an area that I was unqualified…yet the other landscapers were happy to comply with any request at my expense.  James listened to what we wanted conceptually and then came back to us with a proposed design to work from.  As it turned out, James initial proposed design after his in depth consultation with us was spot on.  No changes were necessary.  James’ design included an extended flagstone patio around the pool, stone benches, a stone river bed, raised beds, new placement of the existing trees and plants (in an effort to leverage our existing investments we had made through the previous two landscapers) and the introduction of a wide variety of new trees and low maintenance flowers/plants that I had never heard of.   In addition, James’ price was very reasonable which enabled us to proceed with James proposed plan in tact.

It has been a year since James completed the project and I continue to have nothing but good things to say.  In addition to James providing a brilliant design, his team completed the work quickly, he was always very responsive to any questions or special requests and he somehow minimized the mess that goes along with a landscape overhaul.  James was personally involved in every aspect of the project and was accountable for each phase through completion.

If you’d like to discuss my experience with Korak Landscaping or come by and see James’ work, feel free to contact me at (214) 578 6908.


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